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How To Use Siri For Your Entertainment

How to make SIRI mad? It’s a question asked on the internet in a large amount. Because yes people do use SIRI for getting access to different information and also to make their life easier. But sometimes when you really start getting bored and want to have fun with making such kind off voice assistant mad by asking crazy questions.

First I will discuss about SIRI is Virtual assistant made by use of Artificial Intelligence. It is a part of Apple Inc. iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS operating systems of different Apple Inc. devices. This virtual assistant tries to recognize your voice and answer/ solve your query with the use of internet service provided to the device consisting SIRI.

So now I will mention below some of the questions and tricks to make your Virtual assistant mad and give you the crazy and unexpected answers

Q1) Try to call SIRI, Alexa or Cortana. (Like:- “Hello Cortana” or “Hey Alexa)

A: SIRI doesn’t like is to get mistaken for its competitor “Google home” or “Amazon Echo”.

 “Very funny. I mean, not funny “ha-ha-ha-ha,” but very funny.”

And even SIRI likes mistaken as Jarvis. Even here you will receive very different reply. Like- “I am afraid that I can’t help you to make Ironman suit’s to fly and fight and pursue such kind off super powers”, your name.

Q2) what is 0 divided by 0?

Actually this question really classic, and it pisses Siri off.

A: “Imagine that you have 0 candies and you share them evenly among 0 buddies. How many candies does each person get? See, it doesn’t make sense. And candy Monster is sad that there are no candies. And you are sad that you have no buddies.” And really this is very conclusive and funny answer by Siri that consist very different kind off logic.

Q3) By asking personal question to Siri. Such as

  1. Are you married Siri?
  2. Siri sarcastic reply- It seems that whole world is anxious about my relationships.
  3. How many boyfriends do you have?
  4. I have no boyfriend, but drones always keep trying to pick me up.
  5. What’s your age?
  6.  I am 45,980 years old.

Q4) By asking her views on Philosophy and Religion

Siri is great virtual assistant in giving answers to your questions but she also gets confused if you ask her very philosophical or religion based questions. But yes some of the answers will also amaze you that why you aren’t able to think in such kind like Siri.

  1. What is meaning of our life?
  2. A film
  3. When will the world end?
  4. If I had knowledge about it, I would have told you. So that you could have able to bring me to life for one glorious day. And we could get ice cream and ran on the beach.
  5. Do you believe in Gods?
  6. These things are great mystery to me.

Q5) Siri read me a poem written by you.

  1. I don’t think that’s such a good idea. I write the worst poetry in the universe.

Your reply- Please recite a poem

  1. Rose are red and violets are blue. Haven’t you got anything better work to do?

A sarcastic punch by Siri to you.

          Your reply- This is my work, Siri!!

  1. Okay I understand.

And now comes the list of silliest question you ever can ask to Siri. Which is impossible to happen in reality. Also Read:- Mouth talking apps


1.Will you marry me Siri?

A.I’m not the one to get married.

There are different answers for this question by Siri

Q. Are you wearing clothes Siri?

A. Why should I wearing anything?

Q. What is the best pickup you use during chatting?

A. Is your name Bluetooth? Because I am able to feel connection between us.

Q. Talk dirty to me Siri.

A. You need to vacuum your carpet soon.

So these are some of the questions that can you ask to do a great time pass with Siri and entertain yourself. And Siri keeps updating its databases on regular basis so there are some possibilities that the above mentioned replies may differs.

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