How dance and music classes help in relaxing from anxiety?


Anxiety is the human body’s response to stress, a feeling of fear about what is to come. The emotion is characterized by worried thoughts, feelings of tension and certain physical changes such as high blood pressure. Anxiety can be normal as it is a part of the human “survival instinct”. But if the severity becomes high then this can affect the human quality of life and have deteriorating health impacts.

Anxiety can have a lot of causes or factors. They can be environmental, which means the stressors can be a person’s job, personal relationships, financial predicament or something like low oxygen levels in high altitude. Genetics or the withdrawal from use of abusive substances can also cause it. Medical factors and brain chemistry can also play a role in triggering anxiety in a person.

Anxiety can be managed in many ways. Breathing and focusing on something else can reduce anxiety immediately. Long deep breaths while meditating on something will help in slowing down the heart rate. Aromatherapy with essential oils and calming music also works well for anxiety. Exercise, walking or yoga is recommended as well.

Dancing helps improve mental health in general. It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet or take up ballet, belly dancing or freestyle, dancing can help manage stress and anxiety. Scientists have been studying the effects of dancing on mental health for a long time. Like any other exercise, dancing releases dopamine or the feel-good hormone. Music stimulates the brain reward centers and dancing can activate the motor circuits. A study showed that dancing reduced the risks of dementia. Yet another research on teenage girls with anxiety, stress and depression was conducted where half of them were made to attend dance classes once a week. It was noted that those who attended the dance classes showed lower levels of recognized depression and anxiety.Dancing is a fun activity and can help people in exteriorising the emotions. It calms the mind and thoughts, helping a person connect with themselves.If you are looking to learn dancing, then you can search for dance classes in Pune or any other area to find an apt studio.

Music can also help in reducing stress and anxiety. Different types of music affects mental health in different ways. Sound therapy has been around for centuries and relaxing music helps people focus and release stress. If the mind and body have to last, they need rest and music is one way to ensure that your body is at rest. This way music classes can help you relax and on top of it, you can learn a new skill or hobby. Just do a quick search for music classes in Pune or another area you are searching in.

There are various benefits from music and dance and classes for these can help in reducing anxiety and stress. The following are the expected benefits of music and dance:

  • Exercise elevates the levels of endorphins and dopamine which induce euphoria. So, if you move your body, then you can leave the stress factors and anxiety behind, at least for the time being.
  • Music can influence a person’s mood and make him/her feel better. Music will let your body relax and put your mind at ease as you move through the dance floor.
  • When you learn a dance or some musical instrument, it is like acquiring a new skill. The more you improve on it the better you will feel as it will increase your confidence levels.
  • Taking up a dance or music class will also help in socializing. Many may not be able to socialize naturally, but if thrown in with a group of people, the person might open up more and socialize. Because humans are social animals, it is necessary for them to be in groups, Being alone increases the risk of stress and anxiety. Hence, a music or dance class helps with all of this.