How to write an article that attracts more visitors


Writing is an art, irrespective of the medium you are writing for. With the rise of technology, there is a lot available to read online. Materials such as stories, confessions, recipes, etc. But with the availability of such vast material, it is often the struggle of website owners to keep a reader hooked. Readers have the least attention span and often navigate across the site, he moment they find the material they are reading boring. Therefore, it is very important to keep the reader hooked on the content till its very last word.

When it comes to writing an article, it is very important to define the subject. The entire article must be written, keeping the subject in mind. The subject helps in thorough context building and acts as a mechanism for the reader to make the decision of sticking around the article or move.

Just like identifying the subject, there are many factors that helps a good writer compose interesting articles and attract more visitors on either their blog or a website. Below are a few listed pointers to help you transform your average skillsets in to one like-a-pro;

Write for your audience
The reason your target audience has considered coming to your online property is because you cater to their interest. Therefore, it is very important to well-define the subject of the article in the headline itself. This gives an assurance to the audience to continue reading as they feel that they have found something that is relevant to them. It is also very important to understand the tone that appeals the most to your target audience. Some like casual reads while the others formal. Post identifying what form of tone compliments your business objectives and keeps your article interesting shall ensure that you attract more visitors.

Conduct competitive research
It is very important to do your research before you begin writing. In the online space, it has been observed that your first content idea may have already been implemented somewhere else in the World Wide Web. So, the best way to stay away from repeating a piece of content or plagiarism, ensure that you search the topic well on a search engine. A little inspiration has never harmed anyone; therefore, if you stumble upon a topic of interest during your research, keep the best bits intact in your article whilst maintaining absolute originality.

Use SEO keywords
The best way to ensure that your online property attracts visitors is to write it in a SEO friendly manner. This method assures that, your written content is discoverable and not lost in the jungle called world-wide-web. For example, when you intend to write adult content and your research shows the usability of the keyword, ‘short adult stories’ make sure that somewhere in your article these words are subtly incorporated for the search crawlers to find them and give your website more visitors.

Consider a good composition
When it comes to compositions, stick to the tradition. The tradition being that every article starts with an attractive headline. It is a great practice to compose a headline with the keywords itself, ensuring maximum visibility for the crawlers. Then, comes the introductory paragraph. This paragraph must answer the 5 ‘W’ questions. Following the introduction, comes the body. If your reader has reached this stage, you have won half the battle. The last is the recap and conclusion. A good conclusion gives the reader hope to proceed to the next great read on your online property.  For example, if your reader is done reading the ‘short adult story’ he can now proceed to adult confessions available on your website.

Following the above process has worked for the best online writers today. Try it for yourself and see the difference on your online property.