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The Ultimate Guide on How to Become a DJ

So, you have decided you wanted to enter the industry of electronic music? You like to make the whole crowd crazy by your amazing music. You wish to be the center stage and have all eyes on you. But how can you achieve it? Luckily, we could help you with that.

In this post, we will provide you some of the best steps you could take on how you could achieve your dream DJ job. You can also take up DJ course in London for a great and exciting career. Are you now ready? Let’s dive in!

Understanding What a DJ Do

The first step on how to become a DJ is understanding what a DJ really do. You might not be aware of it, but you will find various types of DJs in the industry. All of them have different jobs. In this section, we will provide you information on the type of DJ you wish to become.

  • Radio DJ

This is one of the common types of DJ today. The idea of the DJ owes its roots to the radio. The job of a radio DJ differs massively. This might vary from the person who announces the weather in the middle of songs to those people who are into full-on music curation.

Most corporate radio DJs don’t have authority over the music. However, the art is still sustaining in a podcast format.

  • Mobile DJ

Have you heard about mobile DJs? These DJs commonly play at your wedding. They set the mood for your business event, and they present an unforgettable party event. Mobile DJs have many things to monitor. Often, they are accountable for the arrangement and teardown of their equipment. They also plan their own show. They handle the crowd and make any messages. This type of DJ job should be at ease when taking requests. They are confident talking on the mic, and they invest in sound equipment and devices.

  • Performer DJ (Turntablist)

This type of DJ normally works through the requests of their clients. People go to them because of who they are as a professional, their status in the industry, and what others think they could do behind the tables. Their mixes are often displays of ingenious transitions, remarkable tricks, and raw skills.

Are you familiar with the exhibitionist DJ? They might be fit under this category. These DJs solely concentrates on scratching and cutting. Controllerists and other forms of live performer DJS also belong here.

  • Club DJ

Club DJ is the most popular type of DJ today. Normally, their job is to keep a moving dance floor at night clubs. In rare cases, club DJs play long blends between songs. They also do some tricks to keep the customer’s feet moving.

This type of DJ is fully experienced on how to boost the energy of people both up and down. They also keep a balance between a busy bar and an active dancer floor.

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Are Producers and DJs Have the Same Job?

The answer would be no. DJs and producers are often mistaken by people. Take note that DJing is performing pre-recorded songs or music to a mob. On the other hand, producing is the original conception or recording of songs. In short, somebody produces techno music, and then a techno DJ plays that music at a music festival. In occasional cases, that’s the similar individual. It could get complicated because many artists today have the same skills.

1.Establishing Your Goals

After you now understand the different types of DJ, it’s time that you create your DJ goals. Are you considering beginning a business? Do you like to be a star? Do you like to jump-start your own podcast platform? Maybe you want to be a DJ just for fun. No matter what your reason might be, you need to be honest about them.

But do not rely on success. That’s true, especially if your reason to become a DJ is to become rich and popular. You might find many DJs in the industry; however, only a few become superstars. For example, there are The Chainsmokers and Avicci who are very famous. Always remember; you need to hustle it. Cherish your work, even when it’s not that great.

Standing out from the crowd will take some time, hard work and luck as well. We have seen different individuals who wish to become a professional DJ, as they love music. They wish to share their music with their audience. However, some of them will try to use this music as a device to get rested. A few only use it as a source of money.

No matter what your reason, make sure you determine it so you could perform accordingly.

2. Choosing the Best DJ Software to Use

How can you choose the best DJ software to use? Bear in mind that there is three major industry of DJ platforms: Traktor Pro, Serato DJ Pro, and Rekodbox. Take a look at each of them.

  • Traktor Pro is the built-in instrument software supporting lots of amazing act features of hiphop DJs and EDM. This software is available for $99 and has a free demo accessible.
  • Serato DJ Pro is famous as the best DJ software. The best thing about this software is that its Practice Mode enables you to DJ without a cost even without a hardware connected.

Rekorkdbox is the free management platform from Pioneer. Rekordboxenables you to organize your library and transferit to USB. You can play it straight from your laptop via Rekordox DJ.

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