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Top 5 Environmental friendly Flower arrangements ideas for ecologist friend

We should take care and respect Mother Nature just like we do to our mother. Environment is something we have in common and it should be the mutual interest of the entire human race. Good environmental conditions lead to longer and healthier life. Everything we do we should take care we are not harming our Mother Nature, we can take steps towards greener world and fight the problems that is harming our Mother Nature. We have seen florists wrapping flower arrangements in cellophane and other materials that are not good for environment.

Thus we are here with some top 5 environment friendly flower arrangements which our ecologist friends that are so concerned of our planet will also appreciate.

Bright Bouquet of Lilies and Alstroemeria

This is a beautiful bunch of yellow lilies and exotic Alstroemerias. Yellow lilies symbolize happiness and walking in the air whereas Alstroemerias symbolize friendship, new beginnings and achievement. The bouquet is wrapped in jute and thus it is perfect to cheer up someone on their special occasions and festivals. You can also use this bouquet to congratulate your loved ones on achieving their dreams. The bouquet is wrapped in jute and then it is adorned with a yellow ribbon to make it look even prettier. Make birthday flowers delivery to your loved ones on their special day and wish them a very happy birthday.

Backyard blooms

There are no flowers fresher than the ones in your backyard. So you can grow flowers in your backyard and use the same to greet and convey wishes to your near and dear ones. You can make gorgeous bouquets out of tulips, hydrangeas and pansies that look good as well as smell divine. These flowers will make wonderful bouquets and centerpieces. Thus you can also take care of the environment by decorating the flowers in eco friendly manner without using cellophane and floral foam. You can simply make a bunch out of the lovely flowers or wrap them in jute as jute is eco friendly. Send flower gifts to her and convey the feelings of bottom of your heart.

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Choose flowers that are in season in your area

You can simply give flowers to your friends that grow in your area. Always prefer seasonal flowers so you do not have to go miles away for flowers. When you grow flowers out of season, it is very energy draining. Thus through your own eco friendly practices you can create your own signature floral designs. You can simply pick these flowers and give it to your friends for various occasions and festivals. This way you will reduce the waste and other non biodegradable materials like plastic and floral foam. These are eco friendly flower arrangements you can send to environment conscious friends and relatives on their special day.

Mixed Roses Bouquet in Jute wrapping

Roses are most popular and most loved flowers across the globe. This flower arrangement has red, yellow, white and pink colored roses that are combined and beautifully wrapped in jute. The colorful roses look very attractive and beautiful in this elegant jute wrapping. This bouquet looks really refreshing and it can add charm to anyone’s day. It is wrapped in jute because jute is bio degradable, compostable and also recyclable. And cultivation of jute can also enhance the soil fertility which will benefit the future crops and you can also reuse jute.

Say no to floral foam

Whether you buy flowers from florists or make a flower bouquet on your own, say no to floral foam. Floral foam is the spongy green brick that goes into the bottom of the vase or bowl. Floral foam is not eco friendly and is also not biodegradable. It contains formaldehyde which can cause health issues over time. Instead of floral foam you can use stones or glass marbles and decorate with the help of container. Visit our online gift store and get flower gift surprise ideas to surprise your near and dear ones on important occasions and festivals.

These are some of the best and prettiest environment friendly flower arrangements that your ecologist friend will admire.

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