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5 Principles of a Mobile-Friendly Website You Should Always Consider

We have everything on our smartphones today that we hardly switched to desktop view for reading, networking or shopping online. Mobiles have come up with a 360-degree turn in our lives. A Google survey reported that 52% of the traffic comes through mobile.  

Considering this importance of mobile, it becomes challenging for businesses to survive without a responsive website design. If viewers can’t reach you through mobiles, then you no longer last to their requirements. It’s easy for them to switch to your competitors when they don’t find your website responsive.

Mobile is available on the go. For instance, if a person is traveling and the idea to buy the traveling shoes clicks on his mind. So, he would take out his mobile and browse the best traveling shoe website on the go. If it’s urgent he would preferably order at the same time.

That’s the benefit of having a mobile-optimized website. It makes your digital presence ubiquitous. If you have a mobile-optimized website then it’s great, and if you don’t, then it’s time to redesign. 

But while you redesign keep these top five principles in your mind.

1. Keep the Menus Simple 

A mobile screen is small so you can’t take it all with a large menu popping up the screens. The successful mobile-friendly websites have a short menu with no more than 5-6 items underneath. In terms of style, you would always see the hamburger menu (Ξ) which unfolds the available items of the website. 

If it’s an ecommerce website then you’d see submenus under menus and then their accessories or items. Since a mobile screen is limited so you can’t fill it with a large, space-consuming menu. 

2. Make It Easy to Contact You 

Like that on desktop, don’t frustrate the users by asking too much information that’s not required. For example, if you want them to sign up for your newsletter, only ask their name and email address. If you own an ecommerce website then make sure your website focuses on collecting the important payment details. And if you want customers to drop orders for your web design Qatar then shows the fields which can collect detailed information about their orders.

Usually, people don’t hire web design agencies through mobile but if they do, ensure they your contact form is customized to their requirements. 

3. Design From the User’s Perspective 

The most common complaints users face on the less optimized mobile sites are the text readability and the buttons which are hard to focus on. They have to zoom and then precisely click the desired button to make sure they don’t accidentally click something that’s not required. 

The tip here is to focus on the white spaces of the design, keep the content short and readable and don’t overwhelm the visual elements. The CTAs are essential – they should be clear and persuasive enough to grab the audience to your site.

4. Don’t Let Your Customers Wait 

With the availability of millions of websites, customers don’t wait for your website to show up. Instead, they switch to another website. If you own a website that takes too long to load on mobile devices then you’re letting your customers go easily. 

A lot of mobile users want to stay updated on the go. They skim the news publishing sites to know the latest happenings. If your mobile website takes too long to respond then your website isn’t worth it. Use images and videos wisely or you can also compress the images with image compressing tools. The visual content slows down the speed of the website, so make sure you aren’t loading your website with it.

5. Avoid Ads 

A mobile screen is already small, if you fill it with ads then your users might turn you off. Ads or Pop-ups distract the users from their objective and don’t accompany them to the core. Ads also get in their way of achieving their purpose. 

For example, they want to read a blog on your website but ads are telling to buy a product or click now. So, this can be irritating to users and they might leave your website immediately.

If you’ve decided to redesign your desktop website, then the tips mentioned above are a must to consider. As a business owner, you should prioritize to accompany your customers across all digital devices.   

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