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Which Is The Best OTR Microwave?

Many households now own the best OTR microwave 2020 ovens as it is essential in their kitchens. The reason for this is cooking food at a quicker rate than other traditional methods. How it cooks food is another reason for its popularity. This home appliance is great for defrosting frozen food items and reheating leftovers. I can also cook meals and make popcorns. If you prefer steamed or crispy foods, you need special accessories like the microwave to make it possible.

How Microwave Works?

You will find in a microwave oven the magnetron tube which converts electricity to microwaves of the highest frequency. It is like a radio or light wave that uses up a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. It results in vibrating the food molecule quickly which creates friction to provide heat which is why it can cook food.

For this reason, it is considered energy-efficient equipment found in the modern kitchen. Compared to a regular oven, the microwave oven can cook potatoes 19 times lesser. It’s the fastest way to cook food as the energy in the oven can reheat the food. You can also cook various types of food at a variety of rates. The power output in a microwave is shown in watts. The watts is used to generate the energy inside the appliance.

Microwaves Can Come In Several Types To Suit Its Current Users:

  • Compact: It’s also known a portable microwave where it’s generally used to reheat food. You can also pop popcorn and cook light meals here.
  • Countertop: It’s the most popular type of microwave where you can put them on your kitchen countertop and cook whatever you like.
  • Over the Range: These are built-in microwave ovens installed over your cooktop and may need a chimney or exhaust fan for ventilation. These come in small, medium, and huge size. There are lots of brands offering this type of home appliance.

Which Is The Best OTR Microwave?

In many western kitchens, a microwave is necessary for functionality and convenience in cooking. Sharp microwaves may be a good suggestion to own for your homes, because of its sophistication and complexity in design. It’s also simple to handle.

Another reputable name in the microwave industry is GE, where the high-quality products of the world are found. It’s also known for excellence, versatility, and durability.

Other great brands for microwaves include Whirlpool, Sanyo, Panasonic, Haier, and more.

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