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Why is Linear OTT and VOD Changing the Entertainment Industry?

Where do people go for entertainment? Online streaming platforms have become the most obvious answer to this question. The digital world offers a wide range of content choices to audiences. And this has been possible due to the new ways of content delivery in this century.

With rapidly emerging internet technologies, service providers are able to offer VOD or Video on Demand content. From consumers to streaming services, VOD has proven to be a game-changer for everyone.

But, why? The answers are right here:

Evolved accessibility demands of the consumers

In the entertainment industry, consumers have changed their demands with the rise of the internet. These days, people are always on foot, going from one place to another. So, they are keen on getting quick and easy access to entertainment on a daily basis.

Millennials are the biggest factor in this evolution of entertainment consumption demands. They prefer watching movies and videos on different devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. VOD delivery allows such consumers to watch content anywhere and anytime simply by having a wireless connection. These consumers also want VOD providers to offer an offline option, so they can download videos and watch whenever and wherever, even without a wireless connection.

These demands have made clear to the entertainment content providers about the range of accessibility needed nowadays.

Diversity in the types of content available

In the presence of online streaming and VOD services, entertainment content creators are flourishing. More creators are able to develop and distribute content to a wider audience without feeling the pressure of competition. Every content concept is receiving a fair chance to rise with VOD platforms across the globe.

A cost-effective way of reaching a global audience

For a long time, the entertainment industry struggled to reach a global audience due to limited resources. But, that’s not the case with the rise of linear OTT and VOD streaming. Streaming services are able to reach audiences in every major country at reasonable costs. VOD channels support the entertainment industry players, content creators, and consumers with its global reach.

More business with excellent monetization solutions

Video distribution service providers are able to offer multiple advertising solutions. This evolved the ability to monetize VOD content brings in more business in a large volume. As a result, streaming service providers get to obtain a consistent flow of cash and grow their business exponentially.

For vMVPD platforms and OTT channels, it is easier to generate higher ad revenues. Similarly, VOD content can use pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll advertising solutions to acquire revenues.

All being said, the benefits of VOD content distribution come down to the scalability, security, and flexibility of the architecture. Streaming service providers need a compatible and reputed distribution solution provider to excel in the growing demands of this market. The industry is still in its phase of growth, which requires a solution provider that can offer futuristic solutions to VOD service providers.

The technology is here to stay, so you better get ready to utilize it in the best way possible!

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