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Everything to Know About Native Australian-Made Furniture

If you’re in the market for new Australian made furniture, you might currently have the debate that many Australians have each and every year. Should you go for imported furniture or choose something from home?

Australian Manufacturers

Firstly, we’ll ease the concerns of those worried about quality because this isn’t a problem. In fact, manufacturers in Australia are known for their high-quality materials, manufacturing methods, and production techniques. In Australia, we’re in the fortunate position of having some of the world’s best craftsmen, and this really shows in native Australian-made furniture.

As an example, Full House is a company based in Australia that provides custom-made furniture to all customers. Rather than choosing something that lots of people around the world have, there’s something to buying custom-made furniture and having a unique piece for your home. Based in Melbourne, all furniture is local, hand-crafted, and tailored to your needs and requirements.

With timber, this is especially prominent in Australia and you’ll find all varieties. This includes:

  • Jarrah Red Gum
  • Mountain Ash
  • Spotted Gum
  • Victorian Ash

Supporting the Local Economy

If you need a reason to choose local, what better reason than supporting local companies and families? Especially in 2020, the global pandemic has affected businesses of all sizes. By buying local furniture, you support Australian businesses and help the economy during this difficult time. When you import furniture or buy imported furniture, most of this money leaves the economy.

With Australian-made furniture, you’re supporting a business that hires Australians and could potentially keep these people in a job. Not only are you helping the staff of the manufacturer, but some of this money also goes back to the Australian timber mills where even more Australians make their living. Therefore, buying Australian-made furniture helps lots of people at home.

As you saw in the first section, the quality just isn’t a problem with Australian manufacturers. Why not start shopping today?

Environmentally Friendly Methods

Additionally, something else you should know about native Australian-made furniture is that it’s an environmentally friendly option. Firstly, you aren’t buying a product that has been shipped halfway around the world just to sit in the living room. Instead, the product you purchase requires fewer miles just to reach your door. Secondly, the environment is now an important concern in the manufacturing process for Australian companies.

Furthermore, Australia has developed strong forest management strategies that allow much of our native forests to thrive. Out of the 147 million hectares of native forests, only 6% is accessible for timber harvesting. Of this small amount, only 1% is actually commercially harvested. On the other hand, this has been a problem for countries like China for many years. Although manufacturers are now starting to move across to sustainably harvested timber and other materials, they still source raw materials from other countries (which offers no guarantees with regards to the environment).

Custom Production and Timeframe

Finally, native Australian-made furniture is more flexible with designs. When investing in a mass-produced item, there are only certain sizes available and most people are forced into adjusting their plans. Why buy something that isn’t what you need when you can have something tailor-made?

Another advantage to local services is that you can have something at your front door in a short timeframe (compared to ordering from elsewhere). With fewer obstacles, manufacturers can get the furniture to customers in the time they promise.

With all of these factors combined, native Australian-made furniture has value for money. Rather than a sofa breaking and needing a replacement quickly, your Australian-made furniture should last the test of time!

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