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Is Circumcision Good or Bad? Know From Delhi’s Specialists!

Circumcision is more common in baby boys. Usually, infants are circumcised within 6 months to 2 years of their birth. This is done because the healing is faster at this age. With the advancement of medical science, the medical benefits of circumcision have also come into light. This procedure has now become a very common medical procedure of preventing various penile problems. Probably, the medical benefits are the main reason that a large number of people now choose to get their baby boy circumcised at an early age. The Center for Disease Control And Prevention revealed that about 60% of baby boys are circumcised every year in the US.

Apprehension comes with circumcision. It is also a proven fact that the pros of circumcision overtake its cons by a great margin. However, people have varied opinions about the procedure. The differences in opinions have led to a never-ending debate. However, one of the most common questions people debate about is ‘if circumcision is good or bad’. Male circumcision is a surgical procedure to remove the foreskin from the tip of the penis. This makes one imagine it to be a painful procedure with lots of discomforts for sure. But those days are gone now. The scenario regarding circumcision has completely changed today.

Pros Of Circumcision

A team of expert doctors from Pristyn Care clinics in Delhi have listed some pros and cons of the circumcision, which can help you in understanding this surgical procedure in a better and appropriate way.

Reduces Risk Of UTI

In an uncircumcised penis, urine and pathogens can get retained under the foreskin for a long period of time, which can cause urinary tract infection. Since circumcision involves removing the skin, these conditions cannot arise and the risk of developing UTI reduces.

Reduces Risk Of STDs

Circumcision lowers the risk of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and syphilis, etc. Due to circumcision, the microbes that cause the disease cannot thrive in the moist and dark area under the foreskin. This is the reason, circumcised men have lesser chances of developing STDs than uncircumcised men.

Decreases Risk Of Penile Cancer

Circumcision may potentially reduce the chances of penile cancer. Studies suggest that when a baby boy undergoes circumcision, the chances of developing penile cancer are almost zero for him.

Decreases Risk Of Cervical Cancer

Research has shown that women whose partner is circumcised are less likely to develop Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cancer than the women whose partners are not circumcised.

Treats Phimosis And Paraphimosis

Circumcision is considered as the best and permanent treatment of penile problems such as phimosis and paraphimosis. If you are suffering from these diseases, you should go for circumcision with full confidence.

Easy To Maintain Genital Hygiene

After circumcision, it becomes easier to care for the penis. However, maintaining good hygiene with an uncircumcised penis is a tough task.

Heightens Sexual Pleasure

It is also believed that circumcision increases the sensitivity of the penis, which increases sexual pleasure.

Cons Of Circumcision

Excess Pain And Bleeding

It depends on the type of surgery you undergo for circumcision. The traditional circumcision involves a lot of pain and bleeding. This can be inconvenient and prevent the patients from resuming their daily routines for around one month.

Risk Of Infection

Traditional circumcision involves incisions and wounds, which increase the risk of developing infection in the penile region.

Risk Of Meatitis

This is a medical condition in which the opening of penis is inflamed. The traditional circumcision  can increase the chances of meatitis.

Removal Of Too Much Or Too Less Foreskin

If surgery is not performed carefully and perfectly, too much or too little foreskin may be removed. In these kinds of cases, the patients are required to undergo the reconstruction or circumcision follow up surgery.

We hope that you must have gained a better insight about the circumcision procedure. Although there are a few minor cons and risks associated with traditional circumcision, you cannot neglect the overpowering medical benefits of circumcision.


With the advancement in medical science, new techniques for circumcision procedures have come into existence, which are completely risk-free. These advanced procedures include laser circumcision and ZSR circumcision. However, laser circumcision is considered as the most preferred procedure by doctors as well as patients. Laser circumcision is a painless procedure. It involves no pain, major cuts or wounds. The chances of complications during or after the procedure is almost zero. The success rate of laser circumcision is as high as 100%.

You will be glad to know that Pristyn Care offers laser circumcision at its clinic in Delhi. Their doctors are highly experienced and skilled and perform the procedure with complete precision. If you are thinking of undergoing circumcision, we would suggest you not to wait anymore. Just go and get it done and have a healthy and happy life.





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