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A Complete Guide To Painting Wooden Deck

The wooden furniture, and the wooden surroundings of the interior, as well as exterior, make your home look royal. However, you need to maintain the surfaces if you want them to appear clean, bright and attractive.

The wood is evergreen for use today, and tomorrow, but when you use it for the exterior decks, there is no denying the fact you would require regular cleaning to keep the surfaces free from dust.

A simple blow of wind or the pollution from the vehicles can make the entire outlook dusty. A simple newly installed wooden deck is eye-pleasing. With progressive wear and tear, it will make you not want to see it anymore. Well, what if your wood floor always looks new? 

Ye, it is possible with specific add-ons. If you are looking forward to smoother and effortless maintenance of your wooden exteriors, Deck Stain Pro; can help you with the same. 

There is a vast difference in the lasting of the polished and washed wood compared to the raw wood. You can use the natural, unpolished wood inside your home, and undoubtedly, it would look attractive. 

However, you cannot use all the things outside your home that are feasible for the interiors. The weather conditions outside the home are rougher compared to that inside the building. 

Wooden Deck Stain Pro Painting and Its Benefits:

Whenever we use the iron for any of the constructional purposes, we use the raw rods, inside the pillars, and the walls. However, can you think of using the same for your boundaries and the grills? Well, there would be a standard answer no. I asked a reason; the clear answer would be rusting and the life of the construction.

The same is the case of wood. Deck Stain Pro suggests you for staining and painting of the wood to improve its life considerably.

The wood has the property to attract moisture as well as dust. Both are the possibilities for external weather conditions. 

Now, if you want to protect your wooden exteriors, you have to select either painting or staining.


Staining is one of the standard methods of finishing the wood. If you are living in an area where the weather conditions are quite pleasant, with less pollution and minimum extremities, you can add life to your wooden deck with staining.

It is cost-effective as well as does not require highly skilled labor. You can find reliable wood staining services easily around you.

Now, when you opt for staining, you should be aware that the maximum life of staining is two to three years, and periodically it might require the touch-up to get a pleasing appearance. You can refer to staining as the thinnest layer of polishing wood.


Painting, on the other hand, is the sound polish of the wooden deck. It is the best possible option to get the wooden coating and protecting your wood. If you are dealing with the older wood or the new wood, it can help deliver the beauty in both the conditions.

If you are looking for renovating your old wooden deck, you can approach Deck Stain Pro to avail of the desired services. They will make your entire home look new with painting.

It might cost you a bit high at the beginning, compared to staining; but when you see its lasting effects, you would be happy to have chosen the right thing for you.

Painting can help to avoid the penetration of the UV rays in the deck, and thus keeping your wood sunproof delivering the longer life and the least requirement for maintenance.

You would never notice any kind of algae or fungi growth on wood, even in moist weathers on your wood; if it is painted. 

It would deliver you the glossy look; also, you can select the wooden color options, as per your choice. 

You would not be limited with limited options. However, you must keep in mind; a stained wooden deck can be painted, but a painted wood cannot go back for staining. Therefore, you must make the decision accordingly.

In a Nutshell:

If you are confused about whether staining or painting is needed for your external wooden structure, you can approach Deck Stain Pro. They will provide you with the right suggestion.

They will check the type of wood, your location, wooden structure, exposure to environmental conditions, and then suggest you with the option accordingly.

Also, it decides on your budget and expenses capability. If you do not want to spend all together, you can go for staining; for two to three years, you would not get to face any difficulty with the maintenance of wood.

Also, after two to three years, you can get the touch-up done, and it will last for a similar period. The expenses in staining are always minimum.

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