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Why Most Students Plagiarize Research Papers?

The presence of technology advances and internet connection all over the world cannot be overemphasized. With this presence, people have found it easier to access whatever information they needs regardless of the research paper topic, a fact that our ancestors could only dream of. All you need to have to get unlimited access to information is a computer and internet connection. At the convenience of your bed, one can just click and drag the cursor to a point on the internet page and copy information that he desires from the web. This one of the many benefits people living in the present century are enjoying after introduction of high technology. In as much the computer and technology has come with unlimited benefits, there is equally a setback to the high presence of information.

With the internet, instructors have reported instances of having students submit research papers done by other people because of not being able to think independently or the fact of being lazy. Laziness and lack of creativity has spurred issues of intellectual theft. Theft of intellectual information is not evident in academic institutions only but in corporate organizations as well. However, there are people who benefit from information theft. For example, when one borrows or makes an exact copy of another author’s research paper, he saves the time and hassle needed to accomplish the work on his own. In as much as this route could be dangerous, students still prefer to do it. Just do define the issue of intellectual theft; this is the act of copying other people’s concepts, words and ideas and failing to acknowledge them. Whichever angle one decides to look at it, plagiarism is simply theft and an academic offense.

What leads to plagiarism?

Knowing the issues that lead to plagiarism has always remained a big problem to students and even professional research papers writers, whom you can buy custom research papers from online. Instructors have tried address the issue but there has not been a big change in instances of intellectual theft among students. For this reason, initiatives about minimizing the problem among teachers have also failed. The only way instructors handle the issue of plagiarism is by letting learners know that the assignment given to them should be research properly and the information found should be expressed in individual ideas to support their arguments. Finding articles, books, journals and other sources that talk about the subject, understanding these sources, writing the information in your own words, proofreading and editing is without doubt a process that takes so much effort, patience and time; virtues that most students find hard to acquire when completing assignments. What instructors get at the end of the day is copied work.

However, many tutors would also lack time to go through every single paper submitted by a number of students and still rate them and so some students get quality grades from the copied works submitted. Plagiarism is a result of a lack of interest in the topic adding to reduced time and patience. Students who do not want to put in a lot of effort in their work would also find an option of purchasing readymade essays from online services as a way of finding great boost for their careers. What students do not know is that theft of information many times forfeits the main purpose of learning and would make them dismissed from the same learning institutions. Because the sites that claim to provide students with professional help are in the business because of the money, they sacrifice students’ career by delivering low quality and non original papers.

How can theft of ideas be reduced among students?

One of the ways academic institutions have developed to reduce instances of plagiarism is by imposing disciplinary measures among students found guilty of intellectual theft. Punishments such as expulsion, fines and suspension are common among students who are found with plagiarized materials. Unfortunately, even in the presence of these disciplinary actions, the problem of plagiarism still seems uncontrollable because the idea of plagiarism has not been fully understood by learners. There is a myth that one can only be caught for plagiarism when he uses word to word sentences from an original author. This is not the case; plagiarism also involves using figures, tables, graphs, pictures and even photos of other authors and fails to give credit to original composers. Other than punishments, technology in conjunction with education policy makers have design online software systems that run through a document and captures even the slightest of word similarities.

Such software is EssayMojo plagiarism checker. All you have to do is copy your final material and paste it on the online software. The machine will automatically search your document and highlight word to word or sentence similarities and once this is done, you can correct the highlighted parts and be confident of submitting a paper free from plagiarism.

Finally, another instance of eradicating plagiarism among students having the school informs students on what is expected of them when taking up assignments. Every new student is taking through the problem of plagiarism and how to avoid it during orientation and this helps students be careful when developing their work.

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