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5 Home Appliances You Should not Miss this Summer

Summer is the most uncomfortable of the times when humans and others don’t get comfort owing to the excessive heat.

The temperature during the summer months in India touches up to 50 degrees. But if you have some essential home appliances like an air conditioner and others, then you can make it easier to survive.

Read on this post and know about 5 leading home appliances that you must have this summer!

  1. Air Conditioners

An air conditioner is an ultimate appliance to beat the heat no matter what the external weather conditions may be. You can simply switch it on, and it will start cooling your room. Within minutes, you will feel comfortable and can continue to relax or do multiple tasks that you were finding it tough to do due to heat and humidity. Before buying an AC, you should consider your needs to get the best model. For this, you may get help from an AC buying guide. Like for a small room, it would be good to buy up to 1 ton AC and 1.5 ton and above for a medium to large sized room. If you want to use an AC for longer hours, then it may risk you paying larger power bills. To control it, you can purchase an inverter AC to save up to 25% on electricity bills. The price of an AC in India starts around Rs.20,000. 

  • Air coolers

 If you can’t buy an AC owing to its higher investment cost or for fear of paying higher power bills, then you can surely get an air cooler to survive the summer months. An air cooler can throw cool in multiple speeds to cool you. The only thing that you need to ensure is buying a personal air cooler for self-use and a desert one for a bigger space. You can also take an air cooler from one room to another as it comes with a castor wheel. The price of an air cooler in India begins at around Rs.5,000, and it is well within the budget of a middle class Indian household.

  • Refrigerators

Not only during summers, but you need a fridge all year round. However, its purpose is best understood when you approach your refrigerator for a chilled glass of water. What’s more, it is also possible to store ice creams, juices, soft and hard drinks as per your needs to enjoy them as and when needed. You can also keep your supplies of veggies and meat fresh and don’t need to visit the market daily to bring it. The price of a fridge in India begins at around Rs.10,000. You can buy a single door fridge for a small family and a double door fridge and more for medium to large families. 

  • Microwave Ovens

Who would like to sweat it out in a kitchen on a hot and humid evening and cook food? Unless you have an AC in your kitchen, it may not make sense. Thus, you can buy a microwave oven so that you can prepare foods within minutes. This way, you can spare yourself the horror of getting drenched in the sweat after making food and being messy.

  • Washing Machines

Washing machines can help you finish your laundry chores, even unattended. Hence, when the sun is beating hard, and you don’t want to go out of the AC room to wash the clothes, a washing machine can help. You can bring home a fully automatic washing machine and let it clean and dry your clothes while you sit back and relax.

If you are able to bring home all the discussed home appliances this summer or a mix of some as per your preferences, then you can manage the harsh summer convincingly.    

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