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Web Design Trends to Watch in 2020

Change is constant. Even in the world of web design. With constant evolution and innovation in web design patterns, there are endless possibilities as web designers take things to extremes in experimenting with new techniques and themes while designing websites. Something that looked modern and fresh yesterday can suddenly appear dated overnight and trends once dismissed as irrevocably passé can unexpectedly cycle back in vogue. But change is not something that happens overnight. It takes time to mature, just like fine wine.

Your website is a very significant factor in your business’ achievement. An eye-catching, well-laid out website can be the best online symbol for your business. Hence, your choice of a web design company in India can heavily influence how well your business does.

Here are some trends you can look for during 2020:


Custom illustrations have taken the web by storm over the past few years. Why? Because illustrations are a great way to make complex things more understandable, the intangible tangible and the vague specific. Businesses today are using this method to explain concepts, draw viewer focus in a mindful way and crate visual brand identities. The two types of illustrations you can see gathering momentum in 2020 are:


Our brains are hardwired to notice movement. Now, businesses are using this innate ability to capitalize their sales. It doesn’t have to be a big block of an animated picture. Some illustrations are just still graphics that jiggle a bit, while others can be more thoughtful and complex. When such illustrations are used to their full capacity, animations can tell stories, explain concepts and even help your visitors navigate the website.

Hand-drawn Illustrations

What is your brand image like? Playful?Rustic?Unpretentious? Hand-drawn illustrations can be many things. They are simple images, don’t take time to lead and can help you rank higher in search results when accompanied by proper SEO alt tags. If you are looking for a fresh way to draw focus through your website and create a unique visual brand, consider embracing this trend.

Immersive 3D Elements

3D visuals have always been an element of delight for people. Why this was not explored extensively before was under-developed technology and an expensive price tag. Hyper-realistic 3D is now often seen taking up the whole screen of your device. This makes the best way to create an immersive experience for your site. This serves two purposes – it creates attractive visual features for your website to look all shiny and new and the interactiveness of the 3D design encourages your visitors to stay longer.

As 2020 unfolds, you can expect to see more immersive 3D web designs luring visitors in and visually breaking down the boundaries between digital space and reality.

White Space Minimalism

It is often said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and many in the web design industry expect a minimalist, stripped-back approach to become popular in the coming months. A minimalist design can mean a hundred things to a hundred different people. But in general, minimalism refers to extensive use of white space, with no single element distracting attention from the visual hierarchy. This would mean there would be a limited colour palette, with written content being given ample room to breathe on the page.

Dark Mode

The dark mode has been rolled out across devices because it gives a more enhanced user experience. The dark background allows other web design elements to pop and improve visual ergonomics as it reduces eye strain. Aside from this, the dark mode looks exceptionally modern, representing the digital advancements that we see today.

Fast Loading Speed

3 seconds. That is all the time a visitor will spend while choosing whether to stay on your website or leave. It’s on your website design to convince a potential client to stay and explore. Research data shows that visitors are more likely to stick around on a website if the pages respond faster than others. The loading speed hooks them and the visual aide will help retain their attention. Your page loading speed also helps you rank better on search engine results.


When you visit the websites of industry leaders, what catches your attention the most is their headlines. You see that many of them have utilized bold fonts for their headlines. Such fonts are heavy, hence they carry more visual weight to the message that you want your visitors to see as soon as the page loads. Bold fonts also create a sense of contemporary feel.

An aesthetically pleasing website makes a powerful first impression and pretty much sets the tone for how a person views your business and your brand. This is why it is important to carefully choose a website designing company in Delhi has a large number of agencies like Tech Magnate that bring a world of creativity and expertise to get your brand journey on the right track

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