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5 medical equipment’s used in nursing home care

Nursing homes are a type of care centers that are basically build to provide and keep good care of elderly people or those who are disabled. Nursing homes are often referred to as old homes. Nursing homes are made for people and are suitable for those people who do not want to be or do not have to stay in the hospitals to receive good care. These are specially equipped with people who cannot be taken care at home.

Nursing homes have fully trained nurses that are responsible for taking care of all the people in that particular nursing home. They are responsible to keep in charge and take care of their medical problems as well. Nursing homes have nurses that stay with the patients or people 2 hours a day and they are fully trained and know what to do and when to do for every particular patient.

A number of health care systems including the nursing homes have inclined there focus towards patients to be discharged from the depressing environment of the hospitals and be shifted to nursing homes where they are not only taken care of but also encouraged to interact with one another and stay fresh. Nursing homes usually utilize bedding made of medical sheepskin to make the patients stay comfortable.

In order to provide the patients with good care, nursing homes are fully equipped with technology or systems that help them achieve and receive good treatment and early healing.

Medicinal gadgets utilized in nursing home services should be suitable for the individuals who use them and for the conditions where they are utilized. The individuals who utilize medicinal gadgets might be proficient or lay guardians or the consideration beneficiaries themselves. As a gathering, these clients have various physical, tangible, intellectual, and passionate attributes. The earth of utilization might be the home, yet it might likewise be the work environment or another goal in the network or over the globe. Situations differ in the quality and openness of utilities, the measure of room accessible, light and clamor levels, temperature and dampness levels, and inhabitants, who may incorporate youngsters, pets, or vermin. These utilization components must be considered so as to guarantee that restorative gadgets are protected and successful for individuals residing in nursing homes.

Equipment used at nursing homes

Following are the five major equipment’s that are and should be present in a nursing home:

  • Pressure sensitive alarms
  • Medical walkers
  • Patient lifts
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Monitors

Pressure sensitive alarms

Pressure sensitive alarms are the best when it comes to keeping track of your patient. These trackers can help the nurses find or track their patients and keep note if there is something wrong with them. There are various alarm pads. Bed alarm pads prevent falls etc.

Medical walkers

Medical walkers need to present in nursing homes at all times in order to help the patients move from one place to another. These are the best because they provide easy mobility for the patients and help them get up and sit down on their own without having the risk of falling down.

Patient lifts

Patient lifts are a kind of equipment that is made for easy transfers of patients from chairs to beds or for lifting them up from the bed, wheel chairs, toilets etc. These are considered to be extremely stable and safe to use. They help to prevent any injuries to the patients at all times.

Durable medical equipment

Durable medical equipment includes all the necessary items or equipment’s that should be available in the nursing homes at that too in good conditions for the patients to use. Durable medical equipment includes:

  • Hospital beds: These are comfortable and has specialized buttons to incline the bed for the patient to feel comfortable at all times
  • Specialized mattresses: These are made to the comfort of the patients
  • Chairs
  • Lift equipment: These help for easy transfers of the patients as mentioned above
  • Urinal bed pan: For the patients who have difficulty in mobility, these urine bed pads serve to be the most effective and easy to use


There are different types of monitors that are used in these nursing homes and each has a different function to perform. However, all are focused on bringing easy accessibility for the patients and also helping nurses keep track of their patients easily. Monitors include:

  • Thermometer: Helps to check fever if any patient feels so
  • Blood glucose: To check and maintain the blood sugar levels of the patients
  • Fetal monitor
  • Weight scale
  • Blood pressure monitor: This should be present in the nursing homes at all times so as to keep the blood pressure of the patients in check at all times.
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Stethoscope
  • Apnea monitor
  • Electrocardiogram monitor
  • Blood coagulation meter

These are some of the few equipment’s that should be present in nursing homes at all times to provide excellent health care facilities.

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