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Latest Trends in Women Scarves for Autumn

Scarves are an essential clothing accessory that is essential for the autumn and winters. Apart from keeping the neck warm and safe from the chilly winds, the scarves add a chic element to the dressing. Scarves have become so popular that women wear them throughout the year. In many cases, they have taken the place of dupatta as well.

In the following post, we are sharing some of the latest trends in women scarves from autumn 2019 collections. Read it carefully and keep your autumn shopping in confirmation with the latest trends. Step out with cute scarves around your necks and don’t forget to drape them in new stylish patterns every day.

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1 – Solid Plain Colours:

Minimal colouring and design are also trending this year. You can find many scarves in woollen and light fabrics in solid colours. We suggest buying at least 2 of them as you can combine them with outfits of almost all the colours. The scarves in solid plain colours can be worn to work as well. Some of the best choices are Deep Red, Salmon, Pink, and Blue. Stay away from the Cerulean Blue as it goes well with a limited number of colours.

Check out the latest collections online and buy all the chic colours as per your choices. We recommend Shyaway as it offers all the most recent and trendy collection. Don’t forget to use the goodies such as Shyaway coupons to make the shopping more budget-friendly.

2 –Vintage Scarves:

Remember the time when scarves with abstract prints in a blast of colours from every part of the colour spectrum used to be a thing? Well, the fashion has revived, and the vintage scarves are trending yet again. Moreover, the trend has unisex items where men and women can sport the same scarf with different clothing. So, if you are blessed with a long and slender neck, invest in these scarves and tie them in tiny floral knots or the air hostess knot.

3 – Printed Scarves:

With the printed fashion ruling the clothing industry everywhere, how can scarves be left out, right? The printed scarves are available in all sizes. You can find scarves for typing on your handbags to wrists, to bandanas and of course, necks. Some of the best prints to choose from are:

  • Foliage prints
  • Floral prints
  • Paisley prints
  • Abstract prints
  • Colour Block Prints
  • Houndstooth Print
  • Art forms from India
  • Polka Dots
  • Animal prints

The main benefit of wearing printed scarves is that you can wear them with clothes in almost all colours. You don’t have to coordinate the colours necessarily. However, we suggest keeping the basic balance between the scarf and outfit intact for a charming appearance.

4 – Scarves with Check Patterns:

The check patterned scarves are also a classic clothing item that has been a favourite among the people everywhere around the globe. No one can say ‘no’ to the simple and elegant scarf with check patterns. The bold check with 3 or 4 coloured lines is trending the collections this year.

The check patterned scarves go well with tees, shirts, t-shirts, and sweaters. They don’t pose any problem in terms of colour-coordination as well. So, grab a few styles for autumn outings and keep the pockets happy by using exciting Shyaway offers.

5 – Chinese Floral Prints:

The free vector Chinese floral prints look absolutely cute on scarves. You can find many scarves in these patterns or inspired by these patterns. Men, as well as women, can wear them. These scarves are available in many colours and lengths. You can also find man online tutorials for draping them in unique styles. If you have a slender figure, you can wear your long scarf in many ways to create different looks. Imitation Silk, Poly-cotton, and light woollen fabrics are the best options for this theme.

6 – Fringed Scarf:

Inspired from the Bohemian fashion fringed scarves are expected to a major hit this year. Though the tassels and fringes have already been there in many scarves; they were limited to the ends only. This year, you can find many scarves with fringed borders. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with your dressing a little, and buy one or two fringed scarves.

7 – Striped Scarves:

The news has come from fashion streets of the world that stripes have entered the world of scarves as well. So, don’t delay the shopping anymore and buy some fantastic striped scarves for making this autumn stylish. Colour block stripes; pinstripes, bold stripes, and stripes in gradients of one colour are the best choices.

Some other notable mentions are the Tribal Prints, Bohemian Embroideries, and Cashmere Scarves.

So, ladies, take cues from this list and start shopping before the stock falters of your expectations. Stay Stylish; Stay Happy!

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